Coffee Thoughts for the Other Addiction

Why roast your own coffee - answer is best seen with weary morning eyes.  You can enjoy some Coffee ART if you like. 

Why should you home roast your own coffee - look at the cost savings?
Roast 100 lbs a year.  
That's 2200 espressos.
That's almost $5,000 saved per year over Starbucks or other coffee shop.  
That pays for some great home espresso equipment.

Brene Brown is my favorite author - check out her TED videos and books while you enjoy your coffee.
Vulnerability leads to WHOLEHEART
Listening to Shame

Espresso Mist

How Lickable is That?

Holidazing with this slow mo shot!!

Crema of my Morning

Another version of Crema of my Morning

Crema of my Morning Too

When I give my coffee to friends in bags I use my home made labels.

Roasting coffee at home is easy.
Step One: Roast Your Own Coffee - I use a Gene Cafe Roaster. 

Gene Cafe Roaster

Let the beans cool!
Enjoy amazing crema that you can't find in any store bought coffee.  Learn more at SweetMarias. 

The espresso machine below came from Chris' Coffee and you should buy all your high end stuff from Chris.  The machine below is a Vivaldi One.  The new Vivaldi II has some great improvements.
My other way to make coffee is using a Bialetti and Aerolatte.

Bialetti Coffee Maker


YouTube Video

May 6, 2009, 10:47 AM