Blackberry QuickText and Beyond 160 - Instant SMS on the Blackberry - Bold, Storm and others

Tired of jumping through hoops just to send a quick SMS text message? Then QuickText and Beyond 160 are for you. It's like speed dial for text messaging.

  • Add a Dog to your QuickText list, then simply press "Q" for QuickText and "D" for Dog. That's it!
  • Storm users, just tap their name!
  • Access QuickText by pressing the Q key, a Convenience Key, or simply clicking the QuickText icon. (The Q key requires a full QWERTY keypad, and the “Dial From Home Screen” option set to “No”. Not available on the Storm.)
  • Assign a contact to any character on your keypad, including letters, numbers, or symbols.
  • Assign any contact from your Address Book with the press of a key.
  • Not on your QuickText list? Simply press the SPACE key to choose anyone from your Address Book, or ALT+SPACE to enter the number for a one-time use. (aka. Use Once)
  • Need to call instead of text? Just select them and press the Send key. Great for Storm users!
Beyond160 allows users on CDMA networks to go beyond the 160 character limit when composing a text message. It’s been a very sought-after feature. BlackBerry users on carrier networks such as Verizon, Sprint, Alltel, Telus, and Bell are only able to type 160 characters when composing a text message. With Beyond160, users can type as much as they want, and when they send, it will automatically split the message into multiple parts (each 160 characters) and send them in sequence. And best of all, Beyond160 messages get routed through the normal SMS Outbox with Delivery Confirmation just like the built-in app. It also works in harmony with QuickText app if both are installed, not to mention enabling QuickText to support contact groups.  This is why I have both installed.  It allows me to send the same txt to both kids at once with ease.
Important to see how this program works double click on each of the images to open in a new window and watch the annimation. 
You can buy it here:

I use this program every day. 
Available for the Storm too -   


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