Blackberry Twitter App and Third Party Offerings

Blackberry has its own Twitter App which is much improved with the latest leaked version.  Supposedly it is to be officially released any day now. 

The latest version is much faster, scrolls better, and allows you to set the font which is great for some.  Also when you have a new tweet can you set it to notify you in the message list.  The app is not as advanced as the some of the third party ones like UberTwitter but I do like the simplicity of it.  I have links below to the third party offerings. 

What's interesting to me about Twitter is if you set it up right, you get first hand news of interest.  For example, I follow pro cycling.  Check out Lance Armstrong's tweet as he gets ready for the rainy Tour of Flanders on Easter Morning 2010.

On the home page you can see your Tweets, with small avatar pictures as well as small thumbnails of linked images. 

You can see your own profile.

You can see your lists as well. 

You can also see your Mentions, Direct Messages, Find People, Search and find Popular Topics.  Overall I really like the simplicity of the RIM Twitter Client.

Here is a view of the notifications in the message list.  When you click on the message the Twitter App opens. I love this feature.

Current shortcuts -

R (reply)
L (reply all)
Space (page down)
F (retweet)
C (compose)

D (refresh)

Alt+0 (home)

Alt+1 (mentions)

Alt+2 (lists)

Alt+3 (profile)

Alt+4 (inbox)

Alt+5 (find people)

Alt+6 (search)

Alt+7 (popular topics)



New features in

  • Quote tweets (ability to edit ReTweets)
  • Auto complete for @ usernames
  • Additional photo viewing support
  • View Geotagged Tweets
  • Personal Info Guard
  • Hotkeys for navigation
  • Go to users

Previous features

  • Notifications of New Tweets and @Replies/Mentions
    • When an @reply/mention is received, the user will be notified with a splat on the BlackBerry home screen ribbon as well as the application icon
    • Users will also be notified of new tweets in the BlackBerry Messages list
  • Twitter Lists Functionality
    • Comprehensive option to build a list of Twitter users on any subject
      • Ability to add members to the list and view subscribers of the lists
    • Users can also view other users' lists
  • Profile Editing
    • Users can edit their own Twitter profile from the application
    • Users can also change their profile image from the application
  • Personalization Settings
    • Users can customize the look of the application with the ability to:
      • Show/hide the navigation bar and tweetbox
      • Change the font/style to their own preferred choice
    • Users can click on a Twitter profile image and it will be enlarged for better viewing abilities
  • Improved in-Application Caching/Polling
    • Increased on-device caching for Timeline; Mentions to improve application performance
    • Enlarged Avatar (Profile Picture) Viewing
      • Push Notifications for Direct Messages
      • Timeline Support
      • Following & Followers
      • Posting, Sending, Deleting, Replying and Re-Tweeting Tweets
      • User/Saved/Keyword/Proximity Search



Other Alternative Twitter for Blackberry Applications include:

SocialScope still in beta but see shots here.
UberTwitter which I also use and like - lacks the message list integration which I find nice. 

and for a story on all of them from Crackberry go here.

Yet for sure the biggest news is TweekDeck is working on a BB app.  I love their desktop app