Blackberry Must Have Accessories

Here are some of my favorites for my BOLD - with links on where to purchase them from Seidio
Links are too specific pages but look around for more options and combo deals.

Bluetooth - for the car I use a Blueant Supertooth, and for talking inside I use a Jabra BT-530. 


Other must have needs are the following items. 

For the 9000, its a 3500 mAH.

For the 9700 below is ts a 2700mAh battery, as the unit size did not allow for more.


An extra battery is essential if you have a 3G unit like a Bold, and a multi-unit charger that you can use with various cell phone battteries is ideal.  For my old curve I had a super extended battery that I used on weekends when GPS use was heavy.   The extended battery for the bold is reviewed here.
For cases, I always have a high-quality swivel belt-clip and a sleeve case.  With some swivel clips you can have rubberized sleeve cover and use the belt-clip too.  You can buy these in a combo deal too.

Seidio has a new line of case, called the Snap which are easy on, and easy off.  I LOVE the SNAP line of cases for everyday use to add a better grip to my 9700 and give it a little protection if I drop it. 

No matter where you go you should have a screen protector.  I am also fond of those sold by ScreenPatronus