Switching Blackberry to iPhone

So many of you know my long time affiliation with Blackberry.  My firm has gone head over heals to iOS and I just am not going to be able to get work done without the switch.  So here are some random adventures as I switch over from my 9930 to an iPhone 5 with iOS6 on Verizon.  These are random thoughts as I start up. 

  • iPhone 5 is crazy light and slippery.  Reaction is instant. Screen is big and beautiful.  9930 was old and tired, and although it had a great keyboard it hour glassed way too often, and had to be rebooted about every day.  Mine took about 5 minutes to start up.  Felt sturdy in hand though, although after a few weeks of use I can say that with the right case the iPhone 5 is a breeze to use with one hand.  Especially with Siri's help. 
  • The retina display is amazing.  SO good that I don't think I can use the iPhone without my readers.  The print is too fine.  I went into Accessibility>Large Text and that helps but still not sure.  Blackberry was easy with no readers. 
  • The iOS puts contacts in groups such as exchange, gmail, icloud.  You can't copy from one to another on the device easily.  There are ways to import your gmail contacts into iCloud that you can find on the web.  I haven't found an easy way to do that with my exchange contacts. I found that frustrating as I would like to migrate my personal contacts to the cloud.  More investigation is needed. 
  • Images - well see my other page.  iOS is so hard compared to Blackberry, yet the iPhone images are so much better.
  • Calendar, Conference dialing and Email All Attendees.  iOS doesn't allow for marking an event private on the iPhone, and it lacks the Email organizer or all attendee feature. This is the weakest part of iOS. You can set format for dialing and Verizon has an issue with iOS 6 that needs fixing.  You have to turn wifi off or the passcode after a pause is dialed so slow that its not effective.  I am investigating conference bridge apps to help solve these problems. 
  • Siri - so far love her.  Working really well for me with iMessage by pushing the microphone icon (not the home button) in the app. 
  • Typing - never used a touch screen before, but this is really pretty good.  I like the corrective software even though others don't.  The keyboard was great for one handed but with Siri its pretty damn good.  So far I am not missing the key board. 
  • Apps - well no comparison here, not only for my firm, but also just the variety of other apps.
  • My two favorite apps on the Blackberry were DataVault and Telenav.  Both are on the iOS and I love them their better.  Telenav is called Scout.  DataVault works on both my iPad and iPhone.  
  • Entertainment - well watching P!nk sing Bohemian Rhapsody on the iPad and iPhone were awesome.  I never really used the Blackberry for that. Using them as a remote for my Apple TV is a plus.  As is the Xfinity app. 
  • Wireless keyboard - well that makes typing a pleasure.  I love the Apple wireless keyboard, although many of the keys don't really work in Apps.  For example you can go to the next email in the email app with the arrow keys.  
  • iMessage is not BBM fully yet in many ways its just as good.  I love using it with Siri.  You can do group chats as well, and for those friends not on iOS it sends them a text.  I think that works fine and I like it. 
    • Turn on Character Count - Settings > Messages > Character Count ON
    • Use Auto Text - Settings > General > Keyboard > Shortcuts.
    • Have fun with the Emoji keyboard - Settings > General > Keyboard > Keyboards
    • Use the microphone to speak your messages - Siri without the Home button push - works great on Bluetooth.
    • Want Call, FaceTime or View your Contact - hit the iPhone status bar (the very top bar) and you will go to the top of the iMessages to find these options.  This iPhone status bar trick works in all iPhone apps. 
  • Desktop Manager - happy to ditch that.  iTunes is easy and familiar. 
  • Battery - 9930 wins no surprise.  Amazon has a list of its highest rated chargers.  My battery life is improving after a few charge cycles but its clearly a problem to last all day with entertainment use or GPS usage.  So you need to have charging solutions around.  See my accessory page for the one I choose.  You can also try this to fix the iPhone 5 battery life. 
  • Clock - easier on the iPhone, along with the alarm and timer.  Just like it better. 
  • Switching between apps - well BB is better.  I haven't tried any apps yet to do this.  I would think there could just be an open app icon that would replace the screen with all open apps.  Can't be that hard.
  • Reminders - oh whoa loved setting it to go off based on arriving home this eve.  That was fun. 
  • More to come, but that's it for the first two days.