iPad and iPhone Accessory Essentials

So I was curious what this adventure would mean in terms of total cost and what I might end up getting as accessories.  My firm actually provided me my iPad so my actual cost was less but here is where I am at so far. 

Absolutely the most essential is a battery backup solution.  There are no battery cases for the iPhone 5 that I am aware of as of Nov 12, so I purchased the Powergen 8400.
My thought is all the cables that come with it are useless.  No iPhone 5 adapter.  I am using my Blackberry Playbook charger to recharge it.  Using a 2amp charger is much better.
It's a little heavier than I though but sturdy and seemingly well built. 


Powergen 8400

iPad Smart Cover

Apple Wireless Keyboard
Wingstand for both iPhone and iPad

The following two cases are for going out on the town with in the evening.  The third case is for everyday use and protection. 

Krussel Case - very nice leather feel.  Not a fan of the embossed metal plate though.
Wool iPhone Case  - no lining - so not sure about this. 

Incipio Dual Pro

Dual Pro in Black

Patagonia Minimass Bag is perfect for the iPad on day excursions.  Just love it. 

Mediabridge Charger - Essential for the car is a charger that can do both the iPad and iPhone.  This one has good reviews. 

Sennheiser PX 100-II i Light WeightSupra-Aural Headset with 3 Button Control for i-Pod,i-Phone and i-Pad

These had good reviews for great sound, and for me they are to be used for conference calls in the office in home when I want to otherwise be listening to music.  So far I like them. 

Curious what this all costs - where so far -

iPad and iphone