iOS Image Names - Really!

So as many of you know, I am in the process of switching over from my Blackberry that I have had so many years to iOS.  I have my iPad and my iPhone will come soon.  This is a WOW story of REALLY Apple? and images on my iPad.  I have taken the time to organize around 500 images that I had on my BB in various albums and I wanted to get them onto my iPad.  I am using a PC. 

Step 1 was very easy - use Karen's Replicator to move the files from my BB to my PC using my tip to replicate.
Step 2 was also easy - identify in iTunes the directory and sub-directories where the images are located.  Go to iTunes and with your iPad plugged in select the device icon and go to the last tab Photos.  From there, you can select what you want to see.    Here are the Apple instructions to synch images.  You have more choices on a MAC than a PC.  By the way, iTunes does the same thing with Videos.  It renames them as IMG files.  What the hell?  Shakes head. 
Step 3 - Synch iTunes
Step 5- use the method below with DOS or an Apple Command Prompt to change the exif information.
Step 6 - resynch from iTunes
Step 7 - use Photo Shack HD to manage my albums. 
Step 8 - adding images taken from my iPad.  See below.

So I started looking for answers. 

Here was one I found.  In the Apple support community - 

How To Sort Photos by Name on iPad (Windows 7, etc. - For Those Frustrated)

That was not going to work long term for me, as it wasn't reliable

As I began to research Apps for managing images on my iPhone, I found a couple of listings.

Top 10 Photo Album Apps

8 iPad Photo Organizing Apps

I quickly learned that many of the apps in fact duplicate the images on the iPad taking up wasted space.  Since I viewed this app as critical to my long term enjoyment of my iPad and iPhone, and I quickly focused on Photo Shack HD.  While this app is 14.99 and that seems expensive for apps, I wasn't going to quarrel over the enjoyment of my images.  If you look at the list of features below the app is extremely robust and easy to use once you learn the basics of it.  I highly recommend taking the hour to go through the Getting Started guide which comes integrated into the program and can be transferred to your computer using iTunes File Sharing

There are actually three versions of the program and I bought the most advanced version.  The other versions are 4.99 and 9.99.  There is a comparison chart to see the features. 

I have pasted the description from iTunes below at the bottom of the page. 

NOW HERE WAS THE RUB - I had not realized that when my images were imported from iTunes that the name was changed to IMG_0001.JPG.  WTF again Apple.  So what I thought would be a simple sort process was not going to be.  Now PhotoShack HD is very cool in that it lets you manually rearrange albums and select a new cover image.  That's fine for albums with 20 images or so but what if you have hundreds, and you have taken the time to name them as I did in Adobe Bridge.  By the way, Photoshack HD integrates with Photoshop. 

What I learned is that I would have to use DOS - yes DOS, with a CMD prompt to change the exif information of the images and then synch again from iTunes.  Here is how I did it using the base instructions from the Photo Shack HD blog.

Importing Photo Filenames into Photo Shack Pro

Posted on December 12, 2011 by the Applgasm-Apps Users Forum

Importing File Names along with Photos isn’t one of iTunes strong suits currently, but Photo Shack HD has this covered.  If you import files using the Camera Adapter, the image names will be imported.  All you need to do is copy your photo’s file name into your photo’s IPTC ObjectName metadata field which is also known at the Title field.  Then, when you import your photos into Photo Shack HD will read this field into it’s Title field.  .

Here’s how you do it.

  1. First, download the latest version of EXIF Tools here .  This is a freely distributed photo utility for the PC or Mac that allows you to view, modify, and write photo metadata.
  2. Open a terminal window so you can enter commands from a command line.
  3. Then locate to your photo directory where you want to add file names to your photo’s metadata.
  4. Now type in the following command:
    exiftool “-iptc:ObjectName<filename” -overwrite_original *.*
  5. Next, resync your photos to your iPad.
  6. Then re-import your photos into your Photo Shack Pro Albums.  The Title field will now be set to your photo’s file name.


Stinsondodg's Method

On a Windows machine, it's probably easiest to write a batch file that does two things.  First changes the directory to the one where your images are.  Second, runs the command above.  If you don't place exiftool in the command path you should use the full path of where you have exiftool on your PC.  In the following example, exif tools is stored in the C: directory and I am changing the images in the iPad/Cool Photos directory. A pause is inserted in order to make sure the correct directory has been reached.  To save this as a batch file, type the instructions into a notepad file, and then save as a .bat file.  I used rename.bat.  So after this is done, I open a terminal window, - run, cmd and type rename.bat, and voila it works. 


cd my documents

cd my pictures

cd ipad photos

cd cool photos


c:\exiftool "-iptc:ObjectName<filename" -overwrite_original *.*

Note that this batch file would change the directory to where my images are stored, and you would need to change the directories as needed
Since I had trouble with the batch file and exact command you can find my batch file, rename.bat in a zip file on the attachments page to this site. 

Adding Images Taken with the iPad

Well more adventures here. I am honestly surprised.  I have to connect my iPad to my PC and open up the camera roll and copy the images I want back to an album on my PC and do another synch.  Before I do, though I use my Adobe Bridge to go into the IPTC info and change the Title field so that I don't have to use the exiftool.  This is manageable for a few images not 500.  Here is what modifying the Title in Bridge looks like.   
Changing the Title field


Photo Shack HD is a Professional grade Photo Management app for your iPad that runs directly off of your existing iPad Photos Library. Based on our highly successful Photo Shack apps, Photo Shack HD is a major redesign incorporating greater Library Management, along with greater GPS Location and IPTC Metadata control. If you're serious about efficiently managing and manipulating your photos on your iPad, this is the app you want.

New in Release 3.0

  • Name change from "Photos Pro" to "Photo Shack HD".
  • Enhanced Library Management Interface that integrates directly into your Album Library screens.
Core Features
  • Runs entirely off of your existing iPad Photos Library.
  • Manages all of your iPad's photos and videos without duplicating them.
  • Photo organization unaffected by subsequent "sync" operations to add Photos.
  • Allows you to freely create, organize, rename, and modify your own Albums.
  • Import multiple Photos from your iPad's Photos Library at once.
  • New Open In feature allows you to open photos with other applications.
  • Add the same Photo as many places and as many times as you want without wasting space.
  • Rotate, zoom, and pan multiple Photo views independently without affecting each other or the original Photo.
  • Automatically read filenames, titles, comments, and star ratings from your Photos' metadata.
  • Allows you to Add/modify filenames, titles, comments, and star ratings without affecting your original Photos.
  • Select Photos using thumbnail or full-screen views.
  • Delete, copy, and paste Photos between or within Albums.
  • Supports both small or large thumbnails in Light Box views.
  • Option to display Titles or Filenames in Large Thumbnail views.
  • Full photo and camera metadata available in full-screen photo views.
  • Display Photos full-screen up to 16 megapixels resolution (4x greater than other apps).
  • High quality slideshows supporting multiple transition effects with optional Photo titles.
  • Show geographic location where your Photos were taken.
  • eMail one or more Photos at once, or just the current zoomed and panned view.
  • Supports VGA Full Screen Mirroring on both iPad 1 and iPad 2.
  • Supports AirPlay for videos and movies
  • Integrated "Help" screen, plus a comprehensive downloadable "Getting Started" guide.
  • Voted "Best Customer Support" on the App Store.

Advanced Features

  • Organize photos into albums, albums into libraries, and libraries into multi-level libraries.
  • Import entire Libraries or Albums from your iPad Photos Library at once.
  • View, Add, or Modify GPS Coordinates in any photo.
  • View, Add, or Modify IPTC Metadata in any photo, including Title, Comments, Star Ratings, etc.
  • LockZoom feature that holds your current pan & zoom settings while viewing photos full-screen.
  • On-Screen Filenames, Titles, and Star Ratings you can view and edit while if full-screen view.
  • LastViewed thumbnail border so you can easily find the last photo you viewed full-screen.
  • Create Album from Selection so you can create albums from selections in other albums.
  • Album Statistics option to show the album’s content count directly on album thumbnails.
  • Export Photos, Albums, or entire Libraries to your computer using iTunes File Sharing.
  • Export organized Albums back to your iPad Photos Library for all of your apps to access.
  • Allows batch modification of filenames, titles, comments, and star ratings.
  • Sort by date, filename, title, or star rating, or Drag-&-Drop multiple thumbnails to arrange them.
  • Search Libraries by date, description, filename, title, star rating, location, country, or keywords.
  • Delete, copy, and paste Albums between Libraries.
  • Choose any photo as your album's cover Photo.
  • Tap & Hold any thumbnail for an instant preview of the Photo and its camera metadata.
  • Select and play background music during slideshows.
  • Selectable slide transition effects when swiping through full-screen Photos.
  • Selectable view backgrounds and album borders.
  • SmartCrop Photos to current zoomed view that auto-optimizes to the current iPad orientation.
  • PhotoStudio custom effects, includes zoom, pan, crop, photo masks, and chromatic effects.

Here is the Album interface