Conference Dialers for iOS

So as I switch from my Blackberry to iOS I realize that iCal is missing two critical features.  Easy conference dialing and the ability to email the host or all attendees.  Don't worry there are apps for that and they are cheaper than the photo apps I purchased.  I have tried two mains ones so far and I am only going to post early impressions here. 

Here are the apps -
Conference Bridge Dialers

The last two are made by the same developer and he asked me to focus on Dial Me In!  So both refers to BCD and Dial Me In. 

First thing to know is that Verizon has a known issue in that the tones after a pause go too slow, and that messes up bridge dialing for some. 
There is an Apple Discussions thread on it. 

These apps basically parse a conference bridge entry in a calendar invite and then allow you to dial them without remembering the long passcodes and host codes. 

They both allow you to memorize common bridge numbers. 
They both allow you to look at your calendar and notify you of upcoming calendar items with bridge calls. 

Dial Me In's biggest advantage is that it could be a single click dial.  It guesses at the right parsing and lets you say yes or no.  BCD makes you pick the telephone number, passcode and host code if you need it. 
Dial Me In makes it hard to find how to use a host code.  They call it a  suffix.  You have to hit the blue icon that looks like a sailing ship ship steering wheel. 
BCD's biggest advantage is that it has an Email organizer and email all participants function.  It also can identify you as the organizer and use your host code set up every time. 

I would love for an app to have both the email functions and strong chance of one touch dialing.  Neither of these seem to have both yet. 
Also I didn't find either app to be very intuitive on how to use them yet it didn't take long to figure them out. 

BCD is $1.99 and Dial Me In! is $2.99.  I think they are both worth $2.99 if they could combine the one touch and email features. 

I will add to this page as I used them more.