Adventures in iOS

This is my story of switching from Blackberry to iOS and what I found to be of interest to others who might do the same.  This is a collection of stories to share.

iOS Image Names - Really!  - This is the story of a what is really an amazing difficult effort to get images with proper names and folders onto my iPad and eventually my iPhone.

Other interesting tidbits in the transition from Blackberry to iOS

Speed Dials - Hmmm no keyboard so how does this work.  Use Siri or set up favorites in the phone app.  And while I was trying to figure that out I realized that iOS has some really great phone features that my Blackberry was missing such as Do Not Disturb except those on my Favorites list and repeated calls in case of an emergency.  Or you have the option if you decline a call to respond with a text message or set a reminder to call back. 

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