Blackberry Must Have Applications


  1. Karen's Replicator and its not even a Blackberry handheld application.  It's a desktop application for backing up your microSD card and other files you have. She has other power tools too so check them out.   
  2. Ascendo Data Vault or Cryptmagic Data Vault - review here.
  3. Quicklaunch - instant shortcuts
  4. Telenav - read the review here.
  5. Google Maps - from your BB Browser
  6. REXwireless ToDoMatrix and RexConnect - Advanced task manager for the BlackBerry - review here.
  7. BBWeather   (this is an OTA link) is a great weather application from the Weather Channel.  You can configure and use shortcuts for different locations based on zip codes.  You have a choice of colors and the numbers of days forecast.  You can toggle the current conditions and the forecast with the space bar.  In a recent update by Tateu from the forums, you can now use Alt-space to refresh the weather report and the locations are sorted alphabetically, not by when you entered them.  You can set the refresh times also.  While there are others, I always seem to go back to this one.
  8. QuickText - Use this for short cut textings. 

  9. JiveTalk IM -multi network IM
  10. Facebook
  11. Where is one of the more interesting GPS applications I have seen of late.  Give it a try.  WHERE™ is a location-based application chock-full of widgets that deliver essential information about what's around you. Are you looking for the hottest restaurants, jonesing for your next coffee fix, or running dangerously low on gas and need a cheap fill-up? Maybe you just want to connect with some friends. Whatever you're after, WHERE delivers the best in local information from Eventful, Yelp, GasBuddy, Zipcar, ShopLocal, Starbucks, Buddy Beacon® and more. 
  12. Poynt

    • Cell-site locates – Cell-site locates allow Poynt to quickly access your general location when GPS is unavailable or while awaiting a GPS lock.
    • GPS – the GPS functionality has been optimized to provide faster accurate locates. Poynt for the BlackBerry Storm smartphone also provides GPS access to users on the Verizon network.
    • Enhanced User Interface – Poynt’s UI was developed specifically for BlackBerry® smartphones to provide you with an immersive, easy to use and visually appealing experience.
    • Mapping Integration – Poynt is fully integrated with both BlackBerry® Maps and Google Maps Mobile, with turn-by-turn directions provided through Google Maps.
    • Address Book Integration – Add frequently accessed listings to your BlackBerry® Address Book, providing convenience for future lookups.
    • Share Search Results – Integration with BlackBerry® Email allows you to easily share listings with friends and colleagues
    • .Movie Module – Plan your night at the movies by seeing what is playing nearby, watching trailers, viewing showtimes, reading reviews, cast and synopsis, and purchasing tickets.
    •  Theater Details – Get information on seating layouts, wheelchair accessibility and number of screens. 
    • Add to Calendar Option – Add movie search results to your BlackBerry® Calendar by date and showtime, as well as invite friends to join you. Ticket purchase links are also included.


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